A revolution in eID and Ecowas Cards for Sierra Leone

X Infotech's Turnkey Solution Sets New Standards with CONSTRAT SYSTEMS LTD and NCRA Collaboration

Impressions @ Trustech 2019

Filmed at this years Trustech in Cannes, France this video covers some of the reasons why the Silicon trust is the longest partner alliance network in the industry. Hear from Infineon, PAV and cryptovision as they tell us why they feel the Silicon Trust has such an important role to play in the industry. https://youtu.be/EU1UTjuieIs…

Secure Identification Conference – Where Governments meet Vendors

May 2019 in Riga was marked by the SECURE IDENTIFICATION Conference that brought together suppliers of industry and governments to explore new solutions and to discuss openly the most critical issues of secure identification and document fraud prevention for a safer and more innovative world.  More than 230 participants from more than 27 countries representing…

Biometrics – the end of passwords?

Biometrics has developed from a niche technology to a standard feature on more and more smartphones. Silicon Trust met with Vadim Tereshko and spoke about the role of biometrics for payment applications. Watch this video for an expert’s insights on the future of biometrics in payment applications. https://youtu.be/jxGD2plr5pY

Secrets behind the success of X Infotech

Silicon Trust met with Sergey Yelisevey, Director at X Infotech, to talk about the comanpy’s roots, the greatest achievements in the last 10 years and what is to come in the future. Watch this video to get a real insight into the success story that is behind the Latvian ID and payment expert. https://youtu.be/UHe8KM8KfjI

X Infotech instant issuing solution at Trustech 2016

At Trustech 2016, Alexander Popov took us through the X Infotech demonstration for instant issuing and personalisation for ID cards, a solution that offers flexibility to governments around the globe. https://youtu.be/VmEWPPnrKQY

eGovernment: Boosting a country’s development

By Alexander Popov, X Infotech. Today, citizens take advantage of responsive and highly personalized services from the retail and financial industries, expecting the same level of public services from governments. Therefore, forward-looking countries are continuously investing in digital technologies to drive a country’s development and bridge the gap between the public sector and modern society.…

X INFOTECH expands into Latin America

Up to now, X INFOTECH has gained a well established reputation in Europe, Africa and Asia. With the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions for Uruguay’s e-ID card and e-passport, X INFOTECH enters Latin American market, addressing the increasing market demand, as the governments in Latin America shifts towards new, innovative e-ID solutions. The expansion in…

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