Below are the details needed to register for a membership to the Silicon Trust program at a minimum basic level (Bronze) of 800 Euro per annum. Bronze level will allow partners to;

  • Have inclusion in partner listing on website including logo placement and contact details and placement is Partner Directory (in VAULT magazine).
  • Submission of Partner News Releases and retweeting through the Silicon Trust social media network
  • Invite to partner meetings at Infineon (1x per year)
  • Inclusion into Silicon Trust newsfeed database for partner only announcements

Further marketing activities require upgrades to either Silver or Gold level (see available marketing packages).

The signing company understands that membership is effective once the Silicon Trust Adminstrators acknowledge receipt of the contract.

The signing company understands that as a member of the Silicon Trust it is associated with the program and its activities. It also understands that the administration and primary partner contact of the program is outsourced to Krowne Communications GmbH Berlin and that it may be contacted per Email or in Writing and kept up to date with the programs development as well invoicing for membership and marketing packages.

The signing company permits the use of its logo in conjunction with Silicon Trust marketing activities, providing that there are no infringements upon copyright, and will provide such material upon request.

The signing company also agrees to promote their partnership with the Silicon Trust through their company marketing activities (e.g. Website).