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Up to now, X INFOTECH has gained a well established reputation in Europe, Africa and Asia. With the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions for Uruguay’s e-ID card and e-passport, X INFOTECH enters Latin American market, addressing the increasing market demand, as the governments in Latin America shifts towards new, innovative e-ID solutions.

The expansion in Latin America is a consistent step in X INFOTECH strategy to strengthen the global position as well as unlock new market opportunities for the company.  What is more, the long-term focus leverages X INFOTECH’s expertise and many years of experience, bringing the turnkey solution portfolio to the governments in Latin America.

“We are positioning ourselves in another underexplored area with an outstanding potential. In Latin America, our first project was PKI solutions for Uruguay’s new eID card, then e-passport project followed a few months later,” says Alexander Popov, Technical Director, X INFOTECH. “We are extremely proud to deliver high level security for more than 3 million Uruguayans with the digital signing of sensitive biometric data, which complies with ICAO recommendations.”

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring our experience and capabilities to Latin America. Uruguay’s e-ID projects were our first steps into Latin American market,” says Sergey Yeliseyev, Business Development Director eID, X INFOTECH.
“At this time, we are running another e-Passport project in Latin America. We see a significant opportunity to fuel trust at the local and regional level, delivering the premium quality turnkey solutions for e-ID programs of a different scale and nature.”

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