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Event Topic: Spotlight on Unique Digital Identity Numbers

Date: July 23, 2020

Starting: 2:30pm – 4:00pm CET/Paris Time

Format: Webinar (Free)


Ongoing debates surrounding Unique Digital Identity Numbers have in recent months been driven to the forefront of Africa’s identity agenda as governments hasten to establish digital identities that can deliver services remotely in response to the COVID pandemic. But what are the urgent concerns that must be addressed in the short term to ensure their effective and responsible use in next-generation identity programs over time?

Join ID4Africa for a spotlight session dedicated to the question of the unique identity numbers, featuring a lineup of experts who will present their various points of view. The objective is not to promote any particular approach, but to make our community aware of the various approaches that have been established and the experience with those.

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NAME: ID4Africa Webinar 2: Special Symposium on Identity Response to COVID-19

DATE: June 24, 2020, 2:30pm CET/Paris Time

Watch the recorded webinar here:

Join Part 3 of the ID4Africa webinar series around COVID-19 and Identity management where they explore how the identity industry is responding to emerging challenges to their customer practices posed by COVID-19. The objective is to identify technological innovations and new business processes that enable identity management to be performed in a world where pandemics represent a major risk factor.

This special back-to-back symposium will dive into two exciting topics:

*Session I:  14:30-15:45 (CET)
A high-level panel discussion on “Restarting Economies & Reopening the Skies-Identity Post-COVID19”.

*Session II: 15:45-16:30 (CET)
5 Rapid Fire presentations & Q&As spotlighting contactless innovations relevant to current challenges.

NAME: ID4Africa Webinar 2: The Identity for Development Agenda in the Era of COVID-19

DATE: June 17th 2020, 2:30pm CET

Watch the recorded webinar here:

Join ID4Africa’s second webinar series focused on the impact of COVID-19 on identity management in Africa, where Executive Chairman, Dr. Joseph Atick, will again engage with an illustrious panel of representatives of the world’s leading development agencies. These experts will respond to a number of fundamental questions related to how societies will need to manage identity in a post COVID era to support their sustainable development and to mitigate against risks and social shocks that can result from pandemics and other catastrophes that are now within the realm of the imaginable.


NAME: ID4Africa Webinar 1: ID Management in Africa in the Era of COVID-19 & Beyond

DATE: June 3rd 2020, 2:30pm CET

Watch the recorded webinar here:

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing many aspects of human interactions and is already shifting priorities in significant ways worldwide. Undoubtedly, this disruptive impact will be extensive and long-lasting, and we expect Africa not to be exempt from it. Already some broad takeaways are emerging regarding what  changes are likely to persist going forward.

On June 3rd, 2:30pm CET, ID4Africa will organize a free webinar to allow decision-makers in Africa’s identity management a unique opportunity to share with their peers and the worldwide community of experts, the impact they are seeing and the practices being put in place in response to this new reality.

Discussions will explore how African identity management is adapting to the new normal and share on lessons being learnt so far on how identity management can serve crisis management.


Name: ID4AFRICA 2020

Date: 28-30 October 2020, Marrakesh, Morocco

Website URL:

In its 6th consecutive year, the ID4Africa Annual Meeting and Expo will reunite a record number of identity stakeholders including senior decision-makers from African government representing over 50 nations, the international development community and the private sector around a ground-breaking agenda and program that features an amazing lineup of experts. The theme “ID360: Digital Multiplicity of Unique Identity” will characterize, in actionable terms, what constitutes robust, responsible and performant identity ecosystems in an era where legal and digital identity are converging to create new opportunities for inclusive development and humanitarian action. Not to be missed! Stay tuned at or on Twitter @ID4Africa, #id4africa2020.