Digital ID Systems are generally accepted as positive tools for social good. Nevertheless, they can pose several dangers and cause significant concerns if not well designed. Join ID4Africa for an intense multi-segment, multi-format LiveCast Trilogy titled “The Dark Side of Identity: Mitigating the Risks”, where a broad spectrum of stakeholder experts unite to address various aspects of the risks and harms of ID systems, and start a positive dialogue on how to best mitigate them to ensure they are rendered responsible and can only contribute to social good.

Part 1 in this LiveCast series begins on Nov 17, with Parts 2 & 3 continuing on Dec 1 and 15 respectively. Click here for details and registration.

A popular mix of trade show and conference, TRUSTECH is the international event that showcases the latest hardware and technologies involved in the markets related to Payments, Identification and Security. 

A global marketplace, the show floor features a comprehensive panel of international exhibitors, sponsors and startups presenting their latest innovations, product launches and solutions on their stand, or through lively pitch sessions on the innovation stage located at the heart of the event. 

TRUSTECH offers you 3 intensive days of business in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Entry to the event is free covering both the visit of the exhibition and attendance to the conferences.