We have become very comfortable with the term Identification (be it digital or non-digital) and the use of both online and offline verification and authentication of a person’s ID. But technology and practical implementation in this field do not stand still. Where we once saw ID as the means to verify people we now also use the same technology to verify objects too. 

Emerging markets require emerging security solutions. Sectors such as Industry IoT or digital and software rights management need to protect and secure massive amounts of sensitive data and limit logical and physical access only to those who are authorized to access such data. In the field of international travel, we are moving from practical documents to eDocuments and are looking to biometric technology for physical access across borders. 

In this seminar we examine the change of thinking, technology innovation and the effect that these changes can bring to end users, that are occurring within the area of ID Tokens and Biometrics – be they private, public or industrial-based.

This time we will be broadcasting live from the Wibu-Systems Campus in Karlsruhe. So join Wibu-Systems, Yubico, Infineon, cryptovision, and Mühlbauer ID Services as each company brings their unique point of view to this topic. Hear how they are approaching the subject and what their discoveries and recommendations are. From Industrial IoT device authentication to bringing eID to regional communities, from Digital Identity Tokens to seamless travel through biometric technology.

Each has a story to tell and lessons that can be learnt.


October 20th 2022, 14:00 – 16:00 CET


OCTOBER 20th 2022, 14:00 – 16:00 CET

14:00 OPENING COMMENTS: Steve Atkins, The Silicon Trust

14:05 Introduction, Oliver Winzenried, Wibu-Systems

14:15 Digital Identity Tokens – First the Foundation, then the Future, Markus Moesenbacher, Infineon Technologies

14:35 Authenticate and Authorise you Industrial IoT device, Günther Fischer, Wibu-Systems

14:55 Not all MFA is created Equal, Per Erngård, Yubico

15:15 How eID Projects benefit Regional Communities, Adam Ross, Cryptovision

15:35 Unlocking seamless travel with Biometric Technology, Lutz Richter, Mühlbauer ID Services

15.55 CLOSING COMMENTS: Steve Atkins, The Silicon Trust

16:00 END


Oliver Winzenried began his entrepreneurial career immediately after completing his studies, and focused on electronic and ASIC design, hardware, microcontroller and embedded application development for consumer electronics, automotive and industrial engineering. With Marcellus Buchheit at his side, he founded Wibu-Systems in 1989, and remains the company’s CEO to this day..

Günther Fischer, Senior Consultant, Licensing and Protection at WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, has decades of experience in the software industry under his belt and now advises software publishers on planning and implementing protected software systems. His specialty is cybersecurity applied to the IoT world. He addresses its unique challenges by facilitating the introduction of know-how and tamper protection techniques while enabling new business models at the same time.

Markus Moesenbacher is Head of Product Marketing for Digital Identity Solutions at Infineon Technologies. He is responsible to drive the strategic definition of chip hardware and software solutions and customer communication. In 2016 he joined the Technical Marketing Team of Infineon Technologies and moved after 3 years to Product Marketing. Markus Moesenbacher holds a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University Graz, Austria. He has more than 20 years experience in the Smart Card business.

Per Erngård, Director Solutions Engineering EMEA at Yubico is from Sweden and has worked in the IT-security arena for more than 25 years mostly in the areas of IAM, PKI, SSO and application security. Per has also talked about security in radio and podcasts as well as co-written an IT-security book. He is a sports nerd following football (soccer), golf and floorball.

Adam Ross is an IT security professional with two decades of experience. As government identification specialist, Adam has been actively involved in several national identity initiatives around the world where he advises enterprises, government ministries, and development agencies on issuance of electronic identity documents and delivering electronic government services. His expertise is in public key infrastructures used to secure and validate machine readable travel documents and the integration of cryptographic hardware tokens into effective cybersecurity postures.

Lutz Richter, Dipl. Ing (FH) for Engineering and Automation, is Head of Information Systems at Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH.  After completing his studies at the University of Applied Science for Technology and Economics in Dresden, he has been with the company for 20 years now. During his long and ongoing career in the industry, he worked amongst others as Senior Solution Architect and Analyst for Identification Management Systems. He is responsible for the development of Identification Management Systems, e-Government and Entry-Exit-Systems.

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