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Impressions @ Trustech 2019

Filmed at this years Trustech in Cannes, France this video covers some of the reasons why the Silicon trust is the longest partner alliance network in the industry. Hear from Infineon, PAV and cryptovision as they tell us why they feel the Silicon Trust has such an important role to play in the industry. If […]

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PAV inlays well positioned for future SAC requirements

With ID security requirements constantly evolving, many governments are looking to integrate the new security standard SAC (Supplemental Access Control) in their national ID documents from 2015. In comparison to the currently used standard EAC (Extended Access Control), SAC offers higher security features like, amongst others, asymmetric cryptographic protocols. Because of this development, during this […]

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Survey: The future of identification – Experts go for contactless

Almost every country has been investing in electronic passports for years in order to make international travel safer. Using RFID technology makes it possible to read data wirelessly and to increase counterfeit protection. This is why many countries are currently trying to define standards for future ID documents. According to PAV Card’s and rfid ready’s […]

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