New low-cost automatic in-station ITSO smart card dispenser from Paragon ID

Paragon ID UK has announced the launch of its low-cost automatic in-station ITSO smartcard dispenser at this year’s Transport Ticketing Global in London. The automatic smartcard kiosk dispenses ITSO standard smartcards registered ...

ID4Africa unveils its 2020 Ambassadors’ Class from a record 48 African nations

ID4Africa has confirmed the appointment of Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors from 48 African Countries for its 2020 Class. The largest ever in terms of number of participating countries, the 2020 ...

Precise enters partnership with Innovatrics

Precise has entered into a partnership with Innovatrics, one of the leading biometric solutions providers in the world. Innovatrics will be the provider of face recognition technology to Precises products ...

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Impressions @ Trustech 2019

Filmed at this years Trustech in Cannes, France this video covers some ...

Access all areas – using biometrics to make it genius

By Maria Pihlström.  We all have several things to open, access and ...

How governments can benefit from open standards for ID

By Luiz Guimaraes, Latin American Sub-Working Group Chair at OSPT Alliance. Governments ...

Articles & Editorials

Embedded Computing Design awards Wibu-Systems best in show at SPS, Nuremberg

Embedded Computing Design announced Wibu-Systems, the global powerhouse in the IT security arena, a recipient of the coveted Best in Show Award at the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) conference in Nuremberg, Germany. The choice reflects the industry’s great reception of CodeMeter Certificate Vault, the company’s solution launched earlier this year to combine the DRM and […]

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ArtMinds boosts its robot programming solutions to leverage the promise of IIoT

Wibu-Systems, a security technology leader in the global software licensing market, has supported the integration of its comprehensive CodeMeter licensing and security solution into ArtiMinds industrial robot programming software suite. CodeMeter allows ArtiMinds Robotics, a German pioneer in sensor-based automation solutions, to protect their intellectual property while enabling them to monetize their software solutions with […]

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Updatable security for long-life Industry 4.0 and ICT systems

Connected machines and ICT systems require security mechanisms that are more robust than ever before and remain so for the long life common with industrial hardware. Withstanding attacks over the long-term means keeping the protections at the state-of-the-art through updates. Researching and assessing such updatable security mechanisms was the objective of the joint ALESSIO project. […]

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New 40nm SLC3x security platform from Infineon delivers excellent performance and flexibility

Infineon Technologies AG sets another milestone in smart card innovation. Its new 40nm generation of security chip solutions – the SLC3x – is based on a design concept that provides outstanding performance and scalability for a vast array of smart card applications and beyond. Smart card manufacturers and payment solution providers will benefit from a […]

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Trustech 2019: Smart security solutions for digital identification and contactless payment

Infineon Technologies is presenting leading edge hardware-based security solutions for digital identification and contactless payment. Exhibits and demonstrations at the Infineon booth RIV C 050 at the Trustech trade event in Cannes, 26 to 28 November, including; Accelerating ID project execution with SECORA™ ID SECORA™ ID is a ready-to-go Java Card™ solution optimized for electronic […]

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AVTOR: Transforming Tokens and Smart Cards into universal security instruments

By Viacheslav Tatianin, AVTOR LLC Digital technologies now proliferate all dimensions of modern business and social life, meaning that rooted IT security is now a‘must-have’ principle for big corporations, government agencies,and SMEs. The digital shift we have been part of has reinforced the need for the application of high-security tools – even for common cases. […]

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Software Licensing in the cloud: flexibility is king

By David Paine, Wibu-Systems.  Does a day go by now when you don’t hear a reference to the term “Cloud” computing? For all intents and purposes, the“Cloud” is ubiquitous, the universal enabler behind everything,from our personalized music streaming services, to the next IoTinvention that allows us to control something remotely with voice commands, all from […]

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Comprehensive government Solutions for the Republic of Fiji

By Lara Schmaus, Mühlbauer ID Services. As a part of its major project to modernize the country’s security infrastructure, the Government of the Republic of Fiji decided to evolve its next generation of passports to ePassports. The current passport is a machine-readable document with paper data page, without chip and without digital photo, signature andfingerprints […]

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