The Silicon Trust Partner Program

Like any organisation, the Silicon Trust looks to make a positive impact in their industry and market sectors. To spell out our beliefs in a Vision & Mission statement gives potential partners the opportunity to understand more fully what the Silicon Trust stands for and more importantly – works for.

Create and raise awareness for the need for hardware-based secured solutions in the new ‘Digital Society’
The Silicon Trust will look to;
  1. Bring together leading players and partners from the public, private & financial sectors with respective decision makers.
  2. Identify the latest identification, multi-application and system-on-card projects, business and technical trends and ensure that Silicon Trust partners are in a position to take advantage of these.
  3. Establish and strengthen relationships of Silicon Trust partners with key decision makers such as governments, financial institutions and transportation companies.
  4. Develop and implement marketing material, educational events, workshops and liaison meetings based at fostering relations with these key decision makers.

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