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IDENTIFICATION – An Application Brief

On the face of it, ‘identity’ is a simple concept to understand. However, while the basics of the subject are well understood, identity is an issue that is currently occupying the minds of governments and commercial organizations around the world. Against a backdrop of increasing identity fraud, the problem they face is how to introduce robustand accurate systems for verifying identity, while making those systems as unobtrusive as possible, cost effective,efficiently secure and more convenient. At the same time, these identity systems must allow greater mobility, introducing the possibility of decentralized access and control, and increase the speed of any transaction undertaken through such a system. To meet all these requirements is certainly a challenge, but it is feasible thanks primarily to advances in technology.


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Utilising the synergies between passports and eID cards

The fast digitisation of society continuously brings new challenges to the public sector, its offerings and its service infrastructure. Electronic identification (eID) allows citizens to access online services, using, for example, a secure token in the form of an ID card. During the last two decades, governments all over the globe have defined, specified and have started the roll out of eID card schemes, in order to enable its citizens secured access to online services as

well as a highly secured document for personal verification. Implementing an eID card scheme is a massive investment for any government, especially if eID card and electronic passport are implemented as separate projects. Thankfully, standardisation as well as technology and processes across the value chain allow governments to consider implementing a family concept for both, ID1 (card format) and ID3 (passport booklet) formats.

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