Why secure biometric systems still require hardware-based security

The Silicon Trust caught up with Infineon's Bernd Zwattendorfer to ask about his latest published article on biometric systems, FIDO and the impact that COVID-19 has had on the use of biometric systems. If you wish to read the article yourself, you can do so by following this link. https://youtu.be/C2VQXVTu0WI

AFRICA responds to COVID-19

Silicon Trust caught up with ID4AFRICA's Chairman and Founder, Dr. Atick to discuss their webinar series and their response (and the African Continent's) to COVID-19. It's an interesting conversation and may include clues to how the industry will move forwards sans COVID-19. Please watch and enjoy... https://youtu.be/KGBRQy9k934

The Case for the eDatapage

Interview with Philip Seebauer, Infineon Technologies We spoke to Infineon's Philip Seebauer and asked why is the structure and material of the eDatapage so important for todays ePassports? The conversation also covers the upsides and downsides of polycarbonate eDatapages as well as Infineon's contactless Coil-on-Module solution.   https://youtu.be/iTNFTTx_bjg

ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD) – Description and benefits

Last week we were contacted by the Luxembourg-based agency, INCERT. They have created a video which explains how the ICAO PKD work. The ICAO PKD enables countries issuing ICAO compliant eTravel documents to share relevant technical data that could be used by other countries when verifying ePassports. We thought it was pretty interesting and we though…

Secured Blockchain access using Infineon’s SECORA™ technology

Most of us have heard of blockchain when talking about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. However, if we look beyond fintech services, it can also be used in other applications such as logistics, energy supplies, social networks, messaging, gaming, online marketplaces, storage platforms, voting systems, predictive markets, online shops and brand protection. The list goes on…

Maintaining license security in the time of COVID-19

Interview with Oliver Winzenried, CEO & Co-Founder of Wibu-Systems During the enforced COVID-19 lock-down scenario that Germany found itself in recently, the Silicon Trust reached to out Wibu-Systems to find out how they were doing during this difficult time. Silicon Trust’s Program Director Steve Atkins spoke to CEO and Co-Founder of Wibu-Systems, Oliver Winzenried over…

UK brings back blue passport with green updates

Britons will be able to travel with a blue passport when the traditional colour returns for the first time in almost 30 years. The distinctive blue cover will be re-introduced now the UK has left the EU, and will replace burgundy passports which were gradually rolled out from 1988. The first new passports will be issued…

Saving costs through Hardware Based Security

Modern (IoT) applications (e.g. connected industrial systems) have a high demand for reliable security. However, software based security is not enough. Hardware based solutions provide more security. One of the many benefits: by integrating secured and certified chips much development costs can be saved. Watch this video to get more details about saving costs through…

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