Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 14.39.59With ID security requirements constantly evolving, many governments are looking to integrate the new security standard SAC (Supplemental Access Control) in their national ID documents from 2015. In comparison to the currently used standard EAC (Extended Access Control), SAC offers higher security features like, amongst others, asymmetric cryptographic protocols. Because of this development, during this year’s SecurityDocumentWorld Conference in London, an international ePassport interoperability testing event took place for companies which are specialized in this industry.

PAV took part in the event in London, which was organized by secunet Security Networks, and from the 26 participating companies, was the only German manufacturer of RFID inlays for ePassports. The presented MTCos products with chips from Infineon Technologies and NXP successfully completed all testing categories. The successful participation in this InterOp test proves that PAV is well prepared to supply ID products adhering to the new security standard.

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