Screen shot 2013-07-20 at 14.50.30Trüb AG has been selected to provide the new generation of electronic identity cards for the Macau Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Trüb supplies the identity cards to Giesecke & Devrient. The new e-ID is made of polycarbonate and equipped with a contactless chip module. As a world novelty, the e-ID for Macau includes two innovative security elements which have been recently introduced by Trüb: tru/window™ LOCK and tru/vision™. Since 2009, Trüb already supplies the polycarbonate datapages for Macau’s e-passports.

Key element of the new generation of the electronic identity solution is the polycarbonate identity card produced by Trüb. Identity cards from Trüb meet the highest standards for security and fully comply with the ICAO standards. They are made of fused polycarbonate films and laminated without the use of adhesives. As one of the worldwide pioneers of this technology, Trüb has gained substantial experience and expert knowledge since the launch of the world’s first polycarbonate identity card in 1995 for Switzerland.

The e-ID is optically personalized by means of laser engraving and comprises a variety of built-in security features. Polycarbonate identity documents from Trüb are designed for a lifespan of 10 years and are widely recognized to be leading in terms of quality and sophisticated security features.

Innovative security elements
The new generation e-ID for Macau comprises a variety of security elements including two innovative features developed by Trüb.
‘tru/vision™’ offers high resolution true-color UV images with high brilliance and outstanding color reproduction. Under UV-light, the e-ID documents reveal the skyline of Macau in true colors. This element is much more than a design element, as it protects the document against duplication and reproduction.
Trüb’s security feature ‘tru/window™ LOCK’ is designed for laser-engraved polycarbonate documents such as national identity cards and passport datapages. The technology is based on a sophisticated laser ablation personalization process on a metallic foil which is integrated into a transparent window. A ghost image is laser personalized into the metal foil so that a simultaneous manipulation of the card holder portrait and ghost image after issuance of the document becomes visible. Hence, a fraudulent manipulation of the card holder portrait can easily be detected. With tru/window™ LOCK, Trüb presents a highly innovative security concept which is easy to understand and to verify, resulting in a further increased security level of travel and identity documents.

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