Atos announced the extension of its long standing relationship with the Welsh government to provide Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) services. The contract extension, worth approximately £70 million over five years, will mean that Atos will continue to provide ICT services to the Welsh government until 2019.
Atos has worked with the Welsh government since devolution in 1998 supporting the key priorities, delivering better value and enhanced service quality to the government and people of Wales.
Atos manages a “multi source” environment including a number of ICT providers to provide the flexibility to progress the Welsh Government’s ICT strategy and effectively meet future technological developments.
Commenting on the continued partnership, Ursula Morgenstern, Atos CEO, UK and Ireland said: “We are immensely pleased that the Welsh government has decided to continue to place their trust in us and extend our relationship. We are proud to act as strategic partners and look forward to continuing to deliver excellent service to the Government and people of Wales.
Speaking for the Welsh government, Dame Gillian Morgan, Permanent Secretary, said: “As well as securing value for money and the services we need for Welsh government, we were particularly keen to ensure that we didn’t jeopardise the potential for longer term developments that could provide benefits across the public sector. We believe this option gives us the value, service and flexibility we were looking for.”

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