Precise Biometrics President & CEO Thomas Marschall

Precise Biometrics announced that they have secured their first Tactivo order. The order was placed by a European-based car manufacturer, which is one of the largest in the world.
The European auto manufacturer was already using smartcards for desktop logical access. The procurement of Tactivo now enables the company to leverage their existing credentials and deploy a secure solution to transition from desktop to mobile devices. The car manufacturer developed several applications used to encrypt documents that can be stored securely on these devices. With the company considering other ways Tactivo can be utilized, such as secure browsing and messaging, Precise Biometrics expects this new relationship to have significant growth potential as the deployment of Tactivo continues. Precise Biometrics expects this customer to have Tactivo deployed by Q3 2012 and anticipates subsequent orders with the potential for several thousand units over the following months.
We are very proud to announce this first Tactivo order from such a prominent customer. The announcement is fully in line with our announced roll-out plans which will accelerate further over the coming months” says Thomas Marschall, President and CEO of Precise Biometrics AB.
Precise Biometrics expects to receive many first orders from a variety of customer segments and regions from now on and in the coming months. The financial impact of these initial orders will already show in Q3, although Precise Biometrics expects results to have a more substantial impact on its financial results in Q4.
Tactivo provides a reliable and secure solution to both the public and private sector’s growing need to utilize the proven strong authentication currently available on traditional PCs and Laptops for mobile platforms and devices. As organizations begin to transition from laptops to mobile devices and utilize both traditional and cloud-based remote services, Tactivo enables corporations to provide their employees access to resources and data in a secured and highly convenient way.

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