The Regula e-passport inspection system now also received a certification from the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for being compliant to Extended Access Control 2 (EAC2) test standards. The inspection system “Regula series 7024” manufactured by Latvia based Regula Baltija Ltd. is the first inspection system to receive the conformity certificate [BSI-K-TR-0126-2012] for both EAC1 and EAC2.

Regula passed all test cases for e-passports and e-IDs successfully. In addition to the testing procedures for e-passports and eID cards secured by BAC (Basic Access Control), EAC (Extended Access Control) and PACE (Password Authenticated Connection Establishment), the evaluation also includes testing the conformance with the ISO 7816 standard for the communication protocol and the proper processing of the data read from the eID document.

HJP Consulting partners with TÜV IT, the test laboratory, accredited by the German BSI for conformity testing of e-IDs, e-passports and respective inspection systems to provide manufacturers an effective test and certification process. Acting as prime contractor, HJP Consulting managed the complex test and certification process on behalf of Regula. In order to assure, that the device passes the official conformity testing phase at accredited test laboratory, HJP test engineers perform a pre-test at HJP premises. Using HJP’s own conformity test tool GlobalTester, all tests according to BSI TR-03105 part 5.1 and part 5.2 have been tested.
The certificate [BSI-K-TR-0126-2012] has been published on the BSI website.

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