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The Swedish National Police Board (“Rikspolisstyrelsen”) has renewed its five-year agreement for travel documents on behalf of the Swedish Police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Migration Board with Gemalto. The contract has been signed with Gemalto’s operating company in Sweden, AB Svenska Pass, and also includes the launch of the European Residence Permit. The company manages the end-to-end delivery process including the live enrollment solution in Sweden, production of all secure travel documents, as well as operated issuance services. The contract value for the five year period is 1 billion Swedish Kronas (over 110 million euros).

The contract includes the enrollment solution including the software for registering the applicants’ personal data, along with enrollment kiosks for instant capture of the holder’s photograph, fingerprints and electronic signature. Gemalto supplies the operated issuance services, which ensure document personalization from AB Svenska Pass’ secure service center, and delivery to issuing authorities. The secure solutions and the production of all secure travel documents will be delivered by Gemalto.

AB Svenska Pass and its stakeholder Gemalto constituted their ability to answer all our requirements and fulfill the security demands in all services, products and processes, notably with biometric data enrollment and secure document issuance,” commented Staffan Tilling, Chief Superintendent in the Swedish National Police Board.

Sweden was one of the first countries to deploy electronic identity documents; Swedish National Police Board, AB Svenska Pass and Gemalto have deployed more than 5.5 million of these next-generation secure documents in Sweden,” added Jacques Seneca, Executive Vice President, Gemalto.We will continue to work closely with the Swedish National Police Board to deliver increased protection and convenience for the citizens. Gemaltos solution enables instant enrollment, ensuring people to receive their new passport, ID card or resident permit within a very short delivery time – a clear daily life improvement for governments and citizens alike.”

To date, Gemalto’s products, solutions and services are deployed through more than 60 government programs worldwide, including 36 issuance and 16 enrollment projects.

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