Gemalto and LifeNexus, the developer of the iChip and Personal Health Card, are to provide the iChip cards and modules for the North American market. The LifeNexus Personal Health Card is the first multi-purpose electronic health card utilizing the embedded iChip for securely maintaining an individual’s personal health record, with a payment card option on the same card.

Gemalto will provide the smart cards and microprocessor modules utilized in the LifeNexus Personal Health Cards. “This is a true first – a healthcare and financial payment card in one,” said Jack Jania, Vice President, Secure Transactions for Gemalto North America. “Together, Gemalto and LifeNexus are delivering a product and service that raises the bar for security, portability and convenience within the healthcare and the payment card industries.”

The LifeNexus Personal Health Card was designed specifically to secure and maintain an individual’s Personal Health Record (PHR) on a card in their wallet. The patented iChip™, “Individually Controlled Health Information Platform™,” utilizes “mobile server” technology embedded on a cryptographic processor which is both encrypted and password-protected, providing a highly secure environment to store comprehensive health information for individuals and their family members.

“In addition to having greater control over your personal health records, the partnership allows individuals to use the card just as they would their every day payment card, giving patients extraordinary flexibility,” said Christopher Maus, CEO of LifeNexus. The consumer ensures privacy between themselves and their healthcare provider through consumer-authorized access. An individual’s information stays in their wallet, not on a web-based server, supporting the adoption of electronic medical records by health care providers.

“For over 20 years, Gemalto has led the world in provisioning chip card technology, services and solutions for EMV banking, healthcare and security. With the introduction of the iChip, these three areas combine to give consumers unparalleled control over their healthcare information,” concluded Jack Jania.

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