From the 7th to the 9th of December 2010, SAFE ID Solutions AG will present its complete portfolio of Identity Flow Management solutions at the most important digital security event in Europe, the CARTES & IDentification in Paris. While there, the successful global provider for identity management and ID system solutions will address the following questions: How can the three dimensions of Holder Management, Credentials Management, and Identification Management be seamlessly integrated? How can a continuous information flow in Identity Flow Management be achieved? How can the entire identity life cycle be optimized?

In Hall 4, area 4J 080, the security specialist, showcasing its new brand and market presence, will illustrate the performance capabilities of its modern and future-oriented Identity Flow Management solutions with regular 3D-animations and showroom demonstrations.

Karsten Neugebauer, CEO of SAFE ID Solutions AG, is really looking forward to the leading European trade show for the ID industry. “The CARTES trade show is the highlight of our industry, for us, the most appropriate stage to showcase our improved position and our extensive portfolio in the ID industry. We’re proud of our path to growth and the positive development of our company. Through regular showings of 3D-animations and showroom demonstrations, we’ll show our clients, partners, and interested parties the immense possibilities of Identity Flow Management and how we can achieve seamless integration in the identity life cycle.“

Through the successful realization of more than 30 international ID projects, SAFE ID has positioned itself as a relevant and substantial player in the ID market. At the center of the SAFE ID portfolio is the seamless integration within the entire Identity Flow – from data acquisition through the production of ID documents to the verifying and ensuring of identities.

In front of the background of globally growing security requirements and the demand for biometric identity authentification, the global demand for specialists who can implement tailor-made ID solutions for governments and organizations is also growing. That’s why SAFE ID is concentrating on the consistent structure of its ID solutions along the Identity Flow. That means that the individual stations in the lifecycle of an identity and an identification document are linked to each other and can be tailored to very different uses and target markets. This is how the seamless integration of the three dimensions, Holder Management, Credentials Management, and Identification Management, as a continuous information flow is featured as the most important service of SAFE ID.

The extensive experience in the area of Identity Flow Management won’t only be showcased at the SAFE ID booth. SAFE ID Board Member Matthias Köhler will deliver a conference speech on December 7th at 2:00 p.m. and will deliver a report at the Exhibitor Workshop on December 8th at 4:30 p.m. on the structure of the individual product dimensions along the identification processes and the seamless integration within each individual ID dimension.

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