Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) and Secusmart have released a new generation of the SecuVOICE solution for wiretap-proof cell phone calls. This new and improved version of the encryption solution will allow the German federal authorities to make phone calls – and also send SMS messages – without any risk of interception. The core component of this integrated solution is the new Secusmart Security Card, which encrypts calls and SMS messages end-to-end and provides secure authentication. The microSD card used in the cell phone was specially developed for Secusmart by Giesecke & Devrient Secure Flash Solutions (G&D SFS), a joint venture of G&D and Phison Electronics Corporation. The German federal authorities will soon be deploying the first crypto cards to offer this combined functionality.

Wiretapped phone calls, intercepted SMS messages and data – it is all too easy for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. That’s why G&D and Secusmart have developed a new generation of the SecuVOICE encryption solution that combines secure phone calls, secure SMS messaging and secure data in a single device, providing the highest standards of security to prevent unauthorized access to personal mobile network data.

“This is the first solution of its kind in the world, and it tackles yet another security vulnerability in the field of communications. We chose G&D’s powerful microSD card because it meets the most stringent security requirements: G&D clearly leads the field when it comes to security technologies,” says Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, Managing Director of Secusmart.

“G&D specializes in securing digital identities and information. Our jointly developed encryption card is the core component that facilitates hardware-secure mobile voice and data communication,” explains Dr. Kai Grassie, who heads up the New Business division at G&D.

Just like its predecessors, this new, integrated solution from G&D and Secusmart uses hardware-based encryption, which means that subscriber authentication and voice and data encryption take place exclusively within the Secusmart Security Card itself. The card features a counterfeit-proof crypto module which ensures maximum security and reliable identification. The crypto card’s hardware offers the highest level of security for voice, SMS and data (Common Criteria EAL5+) and has a 4GB flash memory. It also allows users to store their data in an encrypted format, so that items such as SMS messages, contacts and calendar entries cannot be accessed by third parties.

SecuVOICE SNS – the hardware-encrypted cryptography solution from G&D and Secusmart – has been approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI in German). The Secusmart Security Card employs the encryption technology of the digital radio network for security authorities and organizations (TETRA-BOS), which means it also supports the BSI’s Standard for Secure Trans-Network Voice Communication (SNS in German). This standard – one of the key requirements stipulated by the BSI – provides a manufacturer-independent definition of the specifications that must be fulfilled by a secure mobile communication solution.


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