After working together in software quality assurance projects for several years, HJP Consulting and s-lab Software Quality Lab of the University of Paderborn signed a cooperation contract.

On November 5th, Jürgen Plato, Chancellor of the University of Paderborn, Markus Hartmann, Managing Director of HJP Consulting and Prof. Dr. Gregor Engels, Chairman of s-lab’s Board of Directors, signed the contract. HJP Consulting is the ninth associated partner of s-lab.

The purpose of this cooperation is the development of sophisticated methodologies and tools in the areas requirements engineering and testing for large distributed IT systems.

Together, the partners develop the Model-centric Methodology for Analysis, Specification and Qualification of complex distributed IT systems (short: MMASQ). The methodology will primarily be applicable for IT systems in the area of electronic identity (eID). Examples for eID applications are e-passports or e-health cards.
“Our methodology enables secure and reliable development of complex IT systems, such as the currently implemented new German eID card system”, underlines Hartmann. “In one of the next projects we will examine, how the new German eID card (nPA) can be used within IT applications and online services”, adds Engels.


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