We caught up with Adam Ross from Eviden who spoke to us about this exciting new start-up (if you can call it that…) and what to look forward to in the very near future. Here’s what Adam had to say on the subject.

We’re here at Identity Week in Amsterdam at the Eviden booth, and it’s the first time the Cryptovision brand is capable of exhibiting under the Eviden name. For those of you who don’t know Eviden, this is a divestiture of Atos and their tech foundations, which is coming live to the market next year. Eviden will be a $5 billion digital startup with several different core competencies, including those that you’re familiar with from the Cryptovision brand, including Electronic Identification and the Citizen Identification Services. In addition to this, we’ve also got a number of different projects which are relevant, including trust weight HSM hardware, PKI software from IDnomic for various different aspects, as well as other business units include things like identity and access management and identity governance through the Eviden products. This is combined with our competence in high performance computing along with big data and cybersecurity. This represents the things that are really interesting in hot topics at the moment; artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and of course, environmental and social governance through our decarbonization solutions. So in total, Eviden will be present in about 45 different countries worldwide and will be present with about 50,000 thousand staff. So it’s basically a growing name with a trusted Atos heritage.

Adam Ross, Eviden

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