Turkish Passports Get Ultra-Thin Electronic eDatapage with Coil on Module for Enhanced Security and Durability

The Coil on Module (CoM) technology utilized in Turkish passports represents a cutting-edge advancement in electronic data security. Infineon’s CoM CL solution integrates a security chip into a polycarbonate data page, employing a contactless module for heightened protection against forgery and durability. This innovative technology, with its inductive coupling approach, wirelessly links the module to…

SECORA™ Pay Lights Up Your Payment Cards with LEDs for Better Contactless Payments

As tap-and-pay becomes increasingly popular worldwide, contactless payment technologies are evolving, prompting innovative functionalities beyond just payments. Infineon Technologies AG's SECORA™ Pay security solution embraces this trend by integrating LEDs into card inlays, certified by Visa and Mastercard. This advancement allows banks to craft unique

CodeMeter Certificate Vault: Certified Genuine 

Art forger John Myatt's story is used to explain digital certificates' importance to security and authenticity in the digital world. Poor certificate management practices jeopardize security. Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter Certificate Vault offers a solution by securely storing and managing certificates, helping maintain digital security.

Maximising IP Security and Unlocking Growth in Additive Manufacturing with Wibu-Systems

The past twelve months have seen the very public arrival of two game-changing technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Additive Manufacturing (AM). Their commercial viability will depend on the right means to build a business and protect the underlying IP with tools like Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology. At Frankfurt’s Formnext 2023 exhibition, visitors can witness the business…

Is the Identity Market under attack from Quantum Computers?

In an era of unprecedented technological advancements, quantum computers stand as the harbinger of a revolutionary paradigm shift. As these powerful machines inch closer to reality, the impact they'll have on our digital world, especially in the realm of identity protection, cannot be understated. To delve into this pressing topic, we gathered a panel of esteemed experts for a roundtable discussion on quantum computers, post-quantum cryptography, and their profound effect on the identity market. In this gripping blog post, we present the compelling transcript of this enlightening conversation, as our experts shed light on the potential threats, opportunities, and transformative solutions that will shape the future of identity protection in a quantum-powered world. Join us on this journey of explor

Post Quantum Cryptography – What do YOU need to know?

In a world where technology is advancing at a breathtaking pace, the rise of quantum computing poses both a thrilling opportunity and a looming threat to our digital security. As quantum computers inch closer to reality, traditional cryptographic methods that have safeguarded our data for decades are now at risk of being compromised. Enter post-quantum cryptography, the key to fortifying our digital world against quantum attacks.

A revolution in eID and Ecowas Cards for Sierra Leone

X Infotech's Turnkey Solution Sets New Standards with CONSTRAT SYSTEMS LTD and NCRA Collaboration

Infineon applauds introduction of a voluntary U.S. IoT security label

Exciting News from the White House! U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger, FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel, and NIST Director Laurie Locascio came together to unveil the groundbreaking U.S. national IoT security label this month! Infineon Technologies AG says that they proudly stands behind this vital initiative, as they recognise the ever-growing need for robust…

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