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Finger on the pulse! 2019’s big biometric news so far…

By Lina Andolf-Orup, Senior Director, Fingerprints. It’s already Q2! It has been a momentous few months for biometrics, so it’s not surprising the year is passing so quickly. New products launched, new milestones reached, and new market trials initiated. Biometrics is expanding and advancing rapidly – both in its existing markets and applications, and in […]

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Embrace the threats from cyberspace, to your CoF database

By Andre Stoorvogel, Director of Product Marketing, Rambus Payments.  It is hard not to become desensitized to the almost daily news of data breaches. Back in September, WIRED assessed 16 of the most high-profile hacks of 2018 and payment data was a common theme in many of them. Sure, identity theft is appealing to fraudsters, […]

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REVIEW: Mobile – where next?

By Frank Smith, ENLETS Mobile.  The current state of mobile computing and communications is the result of a long period of innovation of several technologies over many years. During that time there have been many game changing breakthroughs, and sustained improvement of ideas. This paper looks at the journey so far, focusing on current and […]

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