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GlobalSign, Infineon to strengthen IoT Device ID and trustworthiness for seamless enrolment into Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

GMO GlobalSign, a global Certificate Authority (CA) and leading provider of identity and security solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), and semiconductor manufacturer InfineonTechnologies AG, today announced a solution that secures, simplifies, and streamlines device enrollment into Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service. The collaboration eases complex device identity integration […]

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Thales brings password authentication to the Enterprise

Thales has announced the launch of its first Fast IDentity Online 2.0 (FIDO2) and Microsoft Azure AD tested authentication devices, offering passwordless access for cloud apps, network domains and all Azure AD-connected apps and services. This integration will enable organizations to move to the cloud securely and apply secure access across hybrid environments via an […]

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charismathics® confirms full Windows® 8 compliance

Windows 8 is not yet here but charismathics customers can already be sure that as soon as it is officially released, they will be able to run their PKI solutions efficiently as always. charismathics announces Windows 8 compliance, featuring a custom Key Storage Provider. Latest intelligence on Microsoft®‘s Windows 8 availability talks about September 2012. […]

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