Windows 8 is not yet here but charismathics customers can already be sure that as soon as it is officially released, they will be able to run their PKI solutions efficiently as always. charismathics announces Windows 8 compliance, featuring a custom Key Storage Provider.
Latest intelligence on Microsoft®‘s Windows 8 availability talks about September 2012. The next beta release is currently planned for February this year, but developers could already gain access to the forthcoming operating system of Redmond, and charismathics has therefore took the chance to upgrade its solution array at once. In particular, all charismathics smart security interface flavors are available for Windows 8, 32 and 64 bit versions. Additionally, the new CSSI enhances the system security level as to new algorithms; charismathics in fact now adds an own Key Storage Provider, replacing the inbuilt Windows feature with full backwards compatibility to existing token solutions and among others allowing the use of the latest SHA-2 and SHA-3 cryptography.

CSSI, charismathics’ agnostic PKI middleware, is continuously being extended with its compatibility towards the most common as well as some of the most peculiar smart card operating systems, token profiles, computer platforms and third party applications. Both the standard CSSI version and the FIPS201 certified one meant for the PIV market are in fact not just working with all previous Windows releases, but also under Linux, Mac and Oracle environments.

iEnigma®, the mobile PKI application, also benefits of this update. iEnigma replaces traditional smart cards wirelessly, and extends data security and user authentication to all mainstream smart phones. It also supports secure SD cards plugged in the smart phone, carrying a smart card chip inside.

Similarly, the charismathics security token configurator – CSTC – is being updated too. The desktop application runs the essential token management system functions for smaller businesses.

As a result of the structural code change, the password memory feature provided along with CSSI for users to easily save and fully automate the use of their most sensitive passwords on the same smart card or USB token they utilize for strong authentication purposes, has been tested to fully work with the new Microsoft operating system.

Customers are welcome to try and buy charismathics latest software releases, enjoying the cutting edge features meant at increasing their profitability and securing their intellectual assets. charismathics is taking orders for Windows 8 customers from March 2012.


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