In this issue we look at how the future is changing to become more digital (as if we didn’t already know that!). However, looking into specifics such as payment, crypto, travel and ID we can see that actually there are far more changes than we first expected.

Our Featured Article looks at how travel is changing – especially in the days after the Pandemic. It represents not only greater changes to the ticketing process than first thought, but also brings more impetus to local Government to speed up contactless ticketing – for a variety of reasons.

We also take look at the changing face of payment cards, both at the cards themselves and also the new biometric-authentication-inclusive cards – for both traditional payment and crypto wallets.At the same time, we also explore Infineon’s SECORA™ family and their affect upon payment, wearables, blockchain and ID.

Talking of ID, cryptovision guides us through the notion of self-sovereign identity and eID documents – truly a forward looking article exploring the idea of taking responsibility for one’s own ID data (after a fashion). Mühlbauer also takes us through the process of setting up a modern, high-tech ID document process for issuance and verification of ID documents in Mozambique.

This issue, Wibu Systems gives us a look at their IT Security Club that is situated in their new House of IT Security. The club, we are assured, is so much more than a shared workspace experience. But to find out how much more, you’ll have to read the article. We even included a QR code that will take you a video showing the club so our readers can get an even better insight.

And finally, we have ‘FIDO: A user’s best friend for simple and secure authentication’. This article is important as it will be FIDO and secure authentication that will be the topic of our next seminar – airing in late March next year. Remember, you heard it here first! More details will be available early next year.

You can download VAULT Issue 32 by clicking on this link.

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