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Software Licensing in the cloud: flexibility is king

By David Paine, Wibu-Systems.  Does a day go by now when you don’t hear a reference to the term “Cloud” computing? For all intents and purposes, the“Cloud” is ubiquitous, the universal enabler behind everything,from our personalized music streaming services, to the next IoTinvention that allows us to control something remotely with voice commands, all from […]

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CodeMeter Cloud – the ultimate software licensing solution living entirely in the cloud

Ready to bring your software to market? It used to be a choice between a hardware (dongle) or a software secure licensing solution. CodeMeter Cloud offers the ultimate technology for extremely flexible licensing in the cloud. If you need uncompromising security and portability to empower your customers to access and use licenses at different sites, […]

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Infineon launches OPTIGA™ Trust M to improve security & performance of cloud connected devices and services

Hardware-based trust anchors are key for connected applications and smart services, whether for a robotic arm in the smart factory or automated air conditioning in a private home. The new OPTIGA™ Trust M solution from Infineon Technologies AG helps manufacturers to enhance the security of their devices while at the same time improving overall system […]

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