OSPT Alliance, the global community enabling the future of mobility services, today announced it has welcomed Brazilian semiconductor company, CEITEC, as a Full Member. With deployments of OSPT Alliance’s CIPURSE™ Specification rising across Latin America, CEITEC will offer invaluable on-the-ground support as the first chip-manufacturer in the region to join the organization.  

Government-owned, CEITEC performs a key strategic role in Brazil’s microelectronics industry, developing solutions for automatic identification (RFID and smartcards) and specific applications (ASICs) across logistics, transport, ID and the IoT space. It also designs and manufactures integrated circuits for applications, with its technology already included in over 60 million devices.

“OSPT Alliance is an unstoppable force here in Brazil. With successful initiatives across public transport, access control and ID in recent years, and considering our role in the region’s microelectronics world, it made sense for us to get involved,” comments Eric Fabris, CTO, CEITEC. “CIPURSE is an important strategic move for us. Its security, interoperability and simplified scalability offer a compelling answer to not only transport and ID projects, but some of the major issues facing industrial IoT, too. Adoption of open standards is an important step to realizing more sustainable and cost-effective innovation and we’re glad to be contributing to CIPURSE’s advancement.”

As a Full Member, CEITEC will be able to develop, certify and commercially launch applications and products in-line with the CIPURSE Specification and Certification scheme, ensuring compliance, security and interoperability with other CIPURSE products. CEITEC is reviewing the use of CIPURSE both for its new eID smartcard solutions and definition of its new goods tracking logistics solution, incorporating inventory management, asset control and authentication services.

OSPT Alliance has a long history in Latin America. Following a chain of successful deployments in the last few years, representing an estimated four million CIPURSE cards, the organization relaunched its dedicated Latin America Sub-Working Group in 2018 to better serve the local ecosystem. CEITEC will be taking advantage of its Full Member status by joining the regional working group as well as contributing to the association’s Technical and Certification Working Groups.

OSPT Alliance’s Latin America Sub-Working Group Co-Chair, Laurent Cremer, comments: “As engagement with CIPURSE grows across Latin America, collaborating with local actors from across the entire ecosystem is fundamental to continued success. Welcoming CEITEC to our membership is an important milestone, providing an invaluable partner to the region and sharing key market insights and technical expertise with our working groups.”

“Since the re-launch of our Latin America Sub-Working Group last year, engagement has been high, but we’re always keen to welcome more like-minded players to the table to share knowledge, collaborate and innovate,” adds Luiz Guimaraes, joint Co-Chair. “We look forward to having such an established industry player on-board for what’s set to be a busy, productive and exciting time ahead for OSPT Alliance in this part of the world.”

Source: OSPT Alliance

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