In early 2018, the authorities of Mozambique and the Mühlbauer ID Services GmbH – a Bavarian-based, internationally active high-tech company specialized in the implementation of state-of-the-art government solutions – signed a “Contract for the Provision of Services, Consultancy and Technical Assistance”. During the contract period of eight years, a close cooperation between Mühlbauer and the Mozambican Ministry of the Interior constitutes the core of this common enterprise.

The Project Scope

The public-private partnership project comprises the delivery, distribution, installation and ramp-up of state-to-the-art systems for the issuance of Civil Identification Documents, Travel Documents and Visas inside and outside the Republic of Mozambique. Furthermore, the project’s intended goal is it to also provide a System for Migratory Movement Control, as well as previous extensive consultancy, technical assistance and training of the customer’s staff.

Delivery Within Just Six Months

After the official contract signature, the Mozambique project, which was to be delivered within a period of just six months, advanced at full speed – not only in Africa, but also in the Mühlbauer headquarters in Roding where the new software systems were programmed and the machine equipment was assembled and installed for extensive testing purposes.

Nationwide Distribution of Mühlbauer Software & Systems

The management and software systems were then distributed nationwide to 11 Mozambican provinces and 177 districts, to all 13 airports, to 31 land, river and sea borders, as well as to 45 embassies and consulates worldwide. The systems can be fully operated online and offline (depending on network availability) and have the highest IT security standards regarding data security, data transfer and data loss. The system consists of four independently operable data bases for four independent authorities (citizen data, foreigner data, travel documents and border management) which are all interlinked and interoperable for national security and information purposes. On a nationwide basis, the government issues biometric national identification cards and electronic travel documents, as well as biometric emergency travel documents for all citizens of Mozambique. In embassies and consulates, the issuance of travel documents, identification cards and emergency documents for nationals of Mozambique is supported as well. For visitors, biometric visa documents can be issued at all airports and border posts, as well as in consulates and embassies. Furthermore, resident alien cards and biometric emergency travel documents for foreigners as well as United Nation travel documents are produced.

Successful Implementation of Mühlbauer Systems on Site

At the moment, the undertaking’s progress is very promising, as Mühlbauer could already successfully execute the Factory Acceptance Test for the ID Card, as well as for the ePassport issuance systems. During this Factory Acceptance Test, the Mozambican delegation expressed its great satisfaction with the provided quality with regard to Mühlbauer’s system solution and documents. In August 2018, the 400 m² large office, which is located in the heart of the capital Maputo, was opened and the facilities were installed so the on-site activities could start. After recruiting over 30 employees, in early November the staff training started.

All in all, this marks an ideal starting point for the issuance of more than 12 mio. civil documents in the upcoming years.

Source: Mühlbauer

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