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Auguste Kerckhoffs postulated his eponymous principle back in the 19th century: “A cryptosystem should be secure even if everything about the system, except for the key, is public knowledge”. This means that an effective cryptographic method does not have to be kept secret. If it were, you should wonder why.

Wibu-Systems has been true to this principle for several years. Blurry Box cryptography offers software protection that is completely based on publicly available methods and that can thus be assessed and compared. Blurry Box makes it so hard to counterfeit the software that it would be easier and faster to re-develop the application from scratch!….

To test the validity and strength of the newly patented encryption method Blurry Box, now integrated with the anti-debug and obfuscation methods of CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems launched a contest, open to all hackers around the globe. None of the 315 international participants managed to send in a full crack of the encryption scheme.

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