By Chimezie Emewulu, Seamfix

The need to collect and store data may differ from industry to industry; whether you’re looking to register people, do a Biometric time and attendance for your company, capture data for your analysis or verify the identity of people you have captured, at the core, a platform must be able to meet the customer’s requirements and add value to their business or help achieve their objectives. In both the public and the private sector, data capture, data storage and data access are crucial.

KYC Innovation – BioRegistra

In order to be able to react to the strong demand in the market, Seamfix has developed BioRegistraTM, a proprietary, innovative and state of the art KYC (Know Your Customer) AS A SERVICE online platform. The platform enables the customer to capture and store any form of information (textual, pictorial and fingerprint). The platform is developed for various sectors and industries across the globe, with the aim of ensuring that the customer can capture data, store this data, and have access to the data in order to validate, verify, export and even update the captured data sets. The BioRegistra platform comes with world-class features out-of- the-box.

Configure your forms easily

BioRegistra is flexible and very easy to use. It enables you to configure your capture forms easily; to look exactly as you would like them to appear during capture. Whether you want to capture your employees, your subscriber during registration, or you just want to capture data for some analysis, BioRegistra lets you create your projects exactly the way you want them, in minutes.

Capture what matters to you

Download the BioRegistra Android or Windows Capture App for free to capture your configured projects. The BioRegistra Capture App is very robust, with in-built validation checks that ensures your captured textual information, fingerprints or images are of the best quality. What more? The capture app can be used even without an internet connection.

Identify your users easily

Having a tough time identifying your customers or staff? With this feature you can confirm if someone has been previously captured on the system and get all the information available on the person using just their fingerprint. You no longer have to worry about stolen identity, as you can easily and quickly get to verify individuals in minutes.

Manage your agents easily

When you use BioRegistra, you are in full control of your projects and you can easily manage all that goes on in one central place, wherever your agents are. You can create agents, see their activities real-time, or even deactivate their account whenever you notice any irregularities or you no longer need them in your project.

Access your data online, export reports or integrate via API

View all your captured data on the BioRegistra portal online, regardless of where it was captured. You can also export these data in editable formats for further analysis. For users who would prefer to export their captured data to other third party systems, this can be done using the BioRegistra set of APIs.

How to get started?

Getting started on BioRegistra is very simple and straightforward. Log on to to create an account. You also get to create your project, create agents and your other admins, and capture up to 15 records with your configured project, ALL FOR FREE!

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