infineon_moscowScalable CIPURSE™ based electronic fare collection systems are now being implemented in Russia by Infineon Technologies AG and Udobny Marshrut, LLC (UM). UM has started roll-out in Izhevsk and Angarsk; seven other metropolitan regions are planned to follow by end of 2016. In the end, a total of two million people are expected to benefit from customized, easy-to-use and particularly secure ticketing solutions for public transportation.

In contrast to prevalent proprietary solutions, CIPURSE allows to develop a large variety of ticketing products: from smart cards with annual or monthly validity to single use electronic paper tickets and even multifunctional identification documents. The city of Angarsk, for example, already issues social cards with transport ticketing functionality for scholars and senior citizens.

“With CIPURSE we have the choice to select the most suitable and innovative chip products for cost-efficient ticketing solutions. While systems can be migrated smoothly over the air,” said Petr Sokolovski, General Director Udobny Marshrut, LLC.

UM is the second largest systems integrator for automated fare collection in Russia. Their decision to migrate to CIPURSE technology underlines the strengths of the open standard defined by the OSPT Alliance. Firstly, the availability of competitively priced chip components that allow to introduce diverse form factors for electronic fare collection. And secondly, enhanced security particularly important in context with multi-application. Infineon provides UM with various CIPURSE-based security chips that are integrated into smart cards for long term usage, single use tickets and governmental identification documents.

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