sps_passportSmart Packaging Solutions, a world leader in dual interface and contactless eID documents and banking cards, introduces its hinge inlay for polycarbonate datapage in traditional and ePassports. As this patented technology combines the inlay for the datapage with the hinge of the passport, it allows to combine better security with a simplification of the manufacturing process.

The hinge inlay can embark a Customized Hinge Image (CHI™), a technology consisting in defining a specific hinge design for each passport issuer. For instance, a national symbol, an acronym or a specific mark can be part of the hinge design making it extremely difficult for a fraudster to reproduce. When the passport is controlled, a CHI™ can easily be verified by transparency, just by exposing the card in front of a light, like a watermark in a paper.

In addition, as the hinge inlay is extremely thin, under 40 µm, its lamination with the other layers in a passport datapage gives a thinner datapage. For instance, thanks to SPS hinge inlay thinness, the whole datapage of a non-electronic passport is only 400 µm while the datapage of an electronic passport is between 650 and 800 µm depending on the security features.

Finally, in case of an ePassport, the hinge inlay already includes the antenna, which is coupled with the chip by induction thanks to SPS EBooster® technology. This way, passport manufacturers see their assembly operations streamlined and more efficient while making ePassports more reliable. SPS hinge inlay can also be combined with all other security features.

Dominique Charrie, Product & Marketing manager for eID, said, “The hinge inlay brings at the same time a higher security and a thinner datapage to passport designers and manufacturers. It allows them to streamline their process and gain in efficiency and product reliability”.

SPS will be present at Trustech, in Cannes, France, from November 29th to December 1st, 2016. Come and visit us on Groupe Imprimerie Nationale / SPS booth Riviera B059. In addition, the hinge inlay has been selected as a finalist through Nautilus™ datapage from Imprimerie Nationale,  for the Sesames awards that will be announced during Trustech event.

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