Screen shot 2015-08-19 at 15.18.44Micropross’ “EMVCo L1 contactless PCD digital” test tool has been approved by EMVCo. Based on the market reference MP500 TCL3, the goal of this tool is to make sure that a banking card reader satisfies with the requirements of EMVCo for everything linked to the protocol handling of its contactless interface.

Philippe Bacle, Micropross President commented: “Micropross reinforces his position as undisputed leader on the supply of Level 1 test solutions. No other company is able to provide so many EMVCo and NFC Forum certified test solutions from their own forces. Our goal is to continue to design test equipment aiming at satisfying the needs of companies operating in the banking business area, but also in the design of mobile phones, wearable devices, well, any type of device that supports contactless connectivity”.

Indeed, the number of devices allowing contactless payment keeps on increasing. The traditional smartcard is now just one of the numerous possibilities to perform payment, and this variety of form factors means more criticity in the need to perform conformance and interoperability tests. Micropross provides all necessary means to solve those potential issues, by supplying coverage of the widest range of test specifications, including wireless charging, which is capital in a nomad world.
The Micropross EMVCo L1 Contactless PCD digital test suite operates on the new MPManager 3 test platform, which is also the home of all of Micropross  test suites, such as the EMVCo L1 analog, NFC Forum or ISO 10373-6:2015. This test suite has been certified against the 2.3.1a version of the EMVCo specifications, which is the one which is currently enforced inside all EMVCo accredited laboratories. Micropross will of course make the implementation of the new version of the EMVCo test specifications (2.5) and make it available to their customers before it becomes applicable inside the EMVCo laboratories, for a smoother transition.

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