x-infotechAfter many years of discussion over the necessity of electronic ID cards, the government of Republic of Latvia adopted the relevant law in 2011, introducing a new type of personal identification document – the identity card and envisaging legal acceptance of it with the passports.

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) announced the tender for the personalization solution delivery which X INFOTECH won despite very strong competition from two German companies.

The full solution consists of data preparation and personalization using Datacard MX personalization equipment and MultiPerso software platform, PIN generation and PIN printing solution delivering and implementation with the associated services, including project management, training, support and maintenance. X INFOTECH`s expertise in personalization software development and system integration, as well as OCMA understanding and highly qualified personnel, were instrumental to the success of implementation of all components and integration with proprietary production management system and with the external Certificate Authority system.

Maris Birgelis, one of founders of X INFOTECH, said: “X INFOTECH was honoured and delighted to be working with OCMA on this very important project. This was a real opportunity to bring our smart card personalization experience to the Latvian government and Latvian citizens. The chosen solution gives the necessary capacity and flexibility to OCMA to provide their services to end-customers.”

“Our goal while introducing electronic ID cards was to increase the security and to offer more comfortable services for Latvian citizens and residents, and increased a personalization capacity of our personalization centre” said Inguss Treiguts, Director of identification document department at OCMA “The main advantage delivered by eID is electronic signature that allows cardholders to access eGovernment and public services, and to sign official documents such as contracts and declarations. The card functionality will also be put to good use when e-voting is introduced in Latvia”.

Currently every Latvian citizen or foreigner living or working in Latvia can receive an electronic ID card or residence permit which is accepted as a valid travel document throughout the European Union member states and the Schengen area.


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