Gemalto announced its new Coesys Applications Portfolio of end-to-end solutions and related services specifically designed for government agencies implementing complex secure national identity programs. The new offer builds on the company most advanced identification and authentication software providing security and convenience to citizens for applications such as on-line tax management and payment, efficient benefits distribution and fraud reduction through electronic documents and administration.


Coesys Applications Portfolio also enables electronic verification of patient’s entitlement (eVerification) and of electronic claims on medical expenses (eClaim), electronic voting and others. In particular the portfolio fully integrates the mobile eID dimension, including smartphones and tablets, delivers ease-of-use with zero-footprint middleware and swift implementation.

Coesys responds to the growing number of national electronic identity related application rollouts, solving the needs of authorities for speedy delivery of citizen-centric applications as well as getting citizens on-board quickly and
in large numbers. The applications portfolio also addresses the increasing need of citizens for security when using on-line services. The new suite is available immediately and leverages Gemalto’s extensive experience in delivering convenient and secure electronic government services accumulated over the past decade.

These applications also leverage Gemalto’s premium professional services including field-proven solution design, qualified project management, fast and seamless system integration as well as efficient deployment. Gemalto’s experienced service teams and partner network provide complete knowledge transfer and full operational support.
Contributing to already over 60 national programs worldwide, Gemalto is uniquely positioned to ensure that national electronic identification rollouts benefit from value-added solutions designed for efficiency and convenience, and deployed to citizens faster.

Electronic identification has become a real catalyst for the rapid adoption of on-line services,” said Frédéric Trojani, senior vice-president of Government Programs at Gemalto. “Convenience, privacy protection and security are the three pillars of Trust in modern, efficient electronic government services. These powerful drivers lead to rapid citizen adoption and transform the agencies’ services while achieving measurable effectiveness gains.

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