The Emirates Identity Authority has unveiled its success in printing 4.6 million electronic ID cards since the beginning of this year up to September 20 compared to around 1.7 million in the same period last year.

The Emirates ID said its achievement was the result of the limitless support of the UAE prudent leadership aimed at ensuring the success of this strategic project and came as a part of Emirates ID’s strategic plan 2010-2013 and the projects and initiatives emanating from it, which drew a clear and accurate roadmap for completing the population register system and the ID card project and consequently fulfilling the Emirates ID’s mission aimed at contributing to reinforcing the national and individual security, developing an accurate and comprehensive population register and providing innovative electronic services.
The Emirates ID pointed out that its success in printing this huge amount of ID cards in less than 9 months came in light of the complete infrastructure of a number of its projects including the completion of such projects as linking with residence and preventive medicine, re-engineering registration procedures, redesigning the old registration centers and opening a chain of new centers in addition to the media campaign launched by the Emirates ID a full year ago to familiarize the population with the decision on registration deadlines and urging them to register. The campaign was also aimed at clarifying the strategic importance of the ID card project for reinforcing their national and individual security, simplifying procedures and supporting the strategic decision industry by the time of completion of the projects that would reflect positively and directly  on the interests of customers including the digital ID project (Electronic Certification Center).
The Emirates ID underlined its keenness on doubling its efforts aimed at contributing to the comprehensive development of the UAE in line with the aspirations of the UAE prudent leadership, noting that the completion of the population register system and the ID card project is a new milestone in the history of the Emirates ID and the beginning of the eTransformation stage towards rendering the ID card a major theme in the transactions and services of the UAE government and private sectors for use as a secure and reliable means of identification.
The Emirates ID thanked all its strategic partners in the government and private sectors, notably the ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education in addition to the executive councils, eGovernments, municipalities and health authorities all over the UAE as well as all the entities that set the ID card as a condition for obtaining their services.
Besides, the Emirates ID stressed its keenness on completing the electronic linkage project with all UAE government organizations by next year based on its commitment to accelerating the pace of development in the UAE and supporting the eGovernment Plan 2014 and the UAE Vision 2021.
The Emirates ID called on customers to check with it in case of late issuance of their ID cards for more than 14 days from the date of completion of their registration procedures due to the substantial amount of transactions that were completed since the beginning of the year and the possible existence of an error in the data inputted when filling out the registration form.
In this connection, the Emirates ID called on customers to communicate with it via its call center (600530003) or alternatively through visiting one of its 32 plus affiliated registration centers or its pages on the social networking sites of Facebook and Twitter.

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