Identive Group announced the introduction of a new family of multi-protocol LEGIC® card readers that address the growing trend in corporate, campus and other environments towards the use of a single smart ID card to perform many functions.

Based on the latest advant 4000 reader IC technology from LEGIC Identsystems AG, Identive’s new readers work with a variety of smart card formats to support multiple applications, including secure access to networks and shared office equipment, ID credential authentication, cashless payment, loyalty and others. Identive’s LEGIC product family includes a desktop reader, reader modules for easy integration with vending machines, kiosks and production lines, as well as a small-profile reader module for integration into handheld terminals.

With more than 25 million readers and chipsets deployed, Identive is one of the world’s leading suppliers of smart card readers for access applications such as cyber security and secure PC/network logon. As our customers have begun to incorporate multi-function smart cards into their identity and access programs, they have naturally turned to us to provide contactless readers for new applications such as payment and ID checks. LEGIC’s chip, card and reader technology has a strong foundation in Europe and a growing presence in Asia and the Americas, so providing contactless readers with LEGIC support was a logical move. We are excited to extend our reader portfolio with LEGIC functionality and to broaden our capabilities in the multi-function ID card market with these new product offerings,” said Dr. Manfred Mueller, executive vice president and COO Identification Products for Identive.

Identive’s new family of contactless readers benefits from LEGIC’s latest advant 4000 chip technology, with backwards compatibility to smart cards using LEGIC prime technology, full compliance to smart ID and access card standards including ISO14443 and ISO15693, and interoperability with other chip and card technology. This makes the new reader-writer very flexible in supporting today’s dynamic card environments, where a single ID card based on diverse technologies may be used for a variety of purposes such as building access, network logon and payment in the canteen or café.

LEGIC and Identive have enjoyed a successful collaboration on several joint customer projects in Europe, and we are pleased that Identive has now added LEGIC technology-based products to their market-leading contactless reader portfolio,said Klaus Klosa, managing director of LEGIC Identsystems AG.

Identive’s new LEGIC readers offer a variety of host interface options including UART/TTL, RS232 and USB to support a broad array of applications and use cases. Fixed and mobile device reader modules are available now and a desktop version allowing chip initialization, card issuance and application management will be introduced later this month. To further simplify the contactless chip access process and support application development on the readers, Identive is also developing an easy to use command set that will be made available later this year.

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