Trüb will be supplying documents for one of Africa’s largest identity solutions for the Guinean government. The new identity card from Trüb is made of polycarbonate and is a key element of the comprehensive national identity solution to be implemented in the country.

Trüb supplies the identity cards each citizen of Guinea will receive on registration for voting. While the card will initially be used as an ID for voting purposes, it is planned to extend the project to encompass National ID cards with every citizen of the country ultimately being issued such a card, whether registered to vote or not.
The project is a true advancement for identity management on the African Continent and more specifically for Guinea which has seen the need to improve their citizen ID system. The solution also offers an opportunity to exploit the efficiencies of having a single ID card for citizens, allowing them to securely prove their identity when required in all situations.
The ID card is made of 100 % polycarbonate material fused under heat and pressure and without any additives. This quality guarantees a lifespan of 10 years and the identity document is complemented by best-in-breed security concepts.
The cards are personalised by means of laser engraving resulting in a strong protection against reproduction or duplication attacks. This level of security protects the integrity of the project and the identity document concerned. Even with challenging security measures, several million cards have been produced from artwork to delivery within record timeframes.
Trüb works on this project with the South African systems integrator Waymark Infotech based in Pretoria ( who is implementing the ID card solution in Guinea and with Sabari Technologies. Brand New Technologies, also based in South Africa ( facilitated in the procurement of the ID cards.

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