The privately owned company currently employs 45 staff members across four continents. An experienced software, algorithm and product development team has enabled Cognitec’s business success and leadership position within the face recognition market.

Since its inception in 2002, the company has collaborated with more than 2000 clients, value-added resellers and system integrators in more than 100 countries. “Our success relates directly to successful implementations and everyday use of our technologies,” said Alfredo Herrera, president and managing director.A growing client base confirms our competence and leadership in the face recognition market, and the customer success stories of specific use cases attest to the leading performance and superior matching speed of our applications.
Consistent with its core strategic aim, Cognitec remains focused on face recognition and related product development. The founding expert team, then working at Siemens Nixdorf, released the first version of Cognitec’s FaceVACS software and a physical access control solution in 1996. Based on that face recognition engine, the team developed world-leading applications and technologies, such as, a software development kit in 2001, the first border control solution using face recognition (eGate) in 2002, and technologies for matching faces to images in large databases or from live video in 2003/04. The company continues to advance these and other currently marketed technologies while developing new products to address the varying needs of its diverse customer base.
Notwithstanding the company’s ambitious product development objective, Cognitec also remains committed to enhancing shareholder value through sustained profitability and a sound overall financial position. This robust financial performance, coupled with selective equity contributions from world-class technology investors, provides a solid foundation to enable increased shareholder value in the years ahead. “We are also deeply appreciative for the unrelenting support of our early financial backers and shareholders. Their initial financial support and continued expert guidance has greatly contributed to our business evolution and success,” said Herrera.
Cognitec is planning exciting product releases during its tenth anniversary year. The new version of FaceVACS-VideoScan will include advanced functionalities for tracking, counting and analyzing faces in live video streams or video footage. A planned access/border control solution will offer non- intrusive, touch-free face recognition technology for fast verification processes. The algorithm development team is working on faster face recognition speed and improved performance for low- quality images and images with partially hidden faces.
 global leader in face recognition technology, more than 2,000 customers worldwide
 numerous first-to-market product launches since company inception
 innovative product development team

 solid financial position through sustained profitability and technology-focused investors

 exciting near-term new products for video screening and border control

Cognitec is growing and evolving in response to quickly changing biometric markets and new applications,” said Herrera. “We are dedicated to developing leading technology to carry out complex, challenging face recognition processes while remaining equally committed to promoting responsible ways of using these technologies to benefit a safer society.”

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