Identive Group, Inc. announced it is providing 266,000 smart card readers to a U.S. government agency for secure authentication and email encryption. The SCR3310/v2 readers fit easily into the USB port of a PC and allow government employees to quickly and securely log on to the agency’s computer network.
Cyber security is receiving an increasing amount of focus across industries and among consumers as well. Using smart cards to validate user identities is an important step in protecting the data on a computer and the assets in a network. U.S. government agencies are ahead of the curve in adopting smart card-based security and have a clear understanding of the benefits,” explained Dr. Manfred Mueller, COO Identification Products for Identive.For this agency, the product delivery schedule was quite aggressive and Identive was the only supplier capable of delivering the required volumes in a short time. Once again we have demonstrated why Identive is recognized as a trusted supplier to the U.S. government market.
Identive’s SCR3310/v2 USB smart card readers are compact, ergonomic and compliant with all relevant technology and industry application standards, making them ideally suited for a variety of government and consumer applications, including electronic ID, social security and eGovernment as well as loyalty programs, e-Couponing, e-Banking, online shopping and gaming activities.

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