The German Federal Network Agency, in charge of the German Digital Signature Law, has accredited MTCOS Pro as secure signature creation device (SSCD) according to the German Digital Signature Law.

The product has been successfully evaluated using Common Criteria EAL4+ high security coverage-level.

The evaluation process is based on the latest protection profiles for signature cards, BSI-CC-PP-0059-2009. This profile is used for eID applications with advanced security requirements and covers signature creation and key creation functionality. 

The hardware used in this new product is the ST23YR80, a high security controller with crypto units manufactured by ST Microelectronics, which has been certified in France according to Common Criteria EAL6+ high.

Common Criteria certified products meet strict standards that validate the product design process, development environment, functionality, product security, vulnerability handling, testing and documentation.
About MaskTech

Masktech is the #1 independent supplier for highest security embedded chipsets, operating systems and related middleware for electronic identification applications. Our portfolio includes generic and customized mask solutions for state-of-the-art contactless and contact based cryptographic chipsets and related security support. MTCOS is used in more than 42 [Q4-2011] national ePassport, national/ID, eHealth, eResidencePermit, eDrivingLicense and other human credentialing applications. MTCOS is an ISO/7816 multi-application operating system and certified according to CC EAL4+ on various semiconductors.

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