The DVLA will begin deploying the products in 2013 using Gemalto’s EU-compliant eco-friendly Sealys polycarbonate portfolio of secure documents, fitted with unique security features such as Sealys Edge Sealer,  a feature unique in the market comprising a laser engraving process applied during the production stage to the edge of the polycarbonate document, adding an additional layer of security. Furthermore, with Gemalto’s Sealys Laser Sealer feature, the laser-engraved images will be digitally enhanced to include an additional visible security pattern, which prevents modification of the photo without leaving visible marks.
The move by the United Kingdom’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is in keeping with the European Commission initiative to create a standard format driver’s license across the European Union, made of high quality polycarbonate documents with high level security features. Gemalto’s Sealys Biometric Residence Permit is not only compliant with European specifications and the latest ICAO standards, providing temporary residence entitlement for non-EU citizens, it is also offering enhanced security features unmatched on the market.

The agreement has been entered into with Gemalto UK Ltd., the Fareham based central hub for Gemalto in the UK, that is in charge of managing the entire project. Gemalto will also be working closely with the DVLA  to enable the personalization of the products directly by the DVLA.

The DVLA is recognised as a centre of excellence for the issue of high security national documents like the Driving Licence and Biometric Residence Permit,” commented Simon Tse, Chief Executive Officer of DVLA. “The new contract we have signed today delivers millions of pounds of saving for the UK taxpayer and allows DVLA to issue even more secure driving licences, and provide the next generation of high security smart cards for other parts of UK government. We look forward to working with Gemalto to ensure the UK’s  cards remain among the most secure in the world.

Jacques Seneca, Executive Vice President at Gemalto, said: “Gemalto is honored and delighted to be working with the DVLA in this prestigious landmark UK project. Our size and global efficiency enables such large projects to benefit from significant savings at critical times for governments, and our recognized expertise in developing secure documents and long experience in working with governmental bodies around the world ensures a strong track record for the success of the project”.


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