Secure Systems, a software company specializing in security solution development and integration, and charismathics, leader in identity management solutions, have entered into an OEM software agreement that intensifies their technical and business cooperation, and offers customers a more direct and immediate approach to enhancing their computer systems against identity theft.

As a result of this cooperation, any new license of charismathics Smart Security Interface© for Windows, the world most comprehensive agnostic PKI middleware, is now delivered along with charismathics plug’n’crypt password memory, the engine of which is supplied by Secure Systems. ControlSphere, the Secure Systems base product, is a modular and scalable PKI suite for SME organizations, that customers are able to upgrade to through the charismathics software.

“Small and medium sized companies first entering into the PKI world are in desperate need of a simple application to immediately appreciate the value of the most secure technology ever. With passwords proliferating with practically any website, protecting such credentials within smart cards or USB keys is a first and simple step. What is better than a password managing tool then?”, states Sven Gossel, charismathics Managing Director. ”By the same time, they can enjoy the security enhancements of PKI, migrating more and more passwords towards real digital signatures. And this without having to worry about big expenses in consulting or implementation.”

“At Secure Systems, we believe that convenience should never be sacrificed for the sake of security. Quite opposite – enforcing personal or corporate security should bring more convenience and confidence to both individual users and corporate management. All our products are created with this idea in mind and this is what our efforts and knowledge are devoted to. The password manager for charismathics is one of these bright embodied examples of this idea”, states Vladimir Shatokhin, Secure System’s Technical and Managing Director.

At Cartes & Identification in Paris, Nov. 15-17, charismathics will start distributing the combined solution offering its new prospects a cutting edge PKI client and an effective password managing application to easily implement, and that can be later expanded to a more complex infrastructure including an unbeatable number of smart card operating systems, computer platforms and third party applications.

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