Acuity Market Intelligence in their new report “The Global National eID Industry” have shown that a dramatic shift from traditional National IDs to National Electronic IDs (eIDs) would generate more than $11 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2013. While the total number of countries with some form of National ID program is projected to increase just 11%, growing from 126 to 140 between 2010 and 2015, the number of countries with National eID programs will grow from 67 to 114 over the forecast period, an increase of more than 70%.

Europe has both the highest country adoption rates and the highest growth of new National eIDs programs. Of the 43 European nations with populations exceeding 100,000, 77% will have National eID programs by 2015. However, it is Asia, with dual population titans India and China, which dominates National eID credential and revenue market share, exceeding 400 million credentials and $7 billion in revenue annually by 2015.

“While high levels of adoption across the globe will generate significant revenues in every region of the world, as with all ID related markets, Asia’s vast population is the defining factor”, said Acuity Principal, Maxine Most. “China’s mandatory National eID card program without biometrics and India’s UID biometric registry project without eID cards are simply unrivaled in magnitude. These two programs alone cover a third of the world’s population.”

Most continued “The evolution of National eIDs is an evolution towards secure and trusted national registries, transparency in government, consolidation of a range of government and commercial IDs, and the ultimate goal: proliferation of e-government and e-commerce services. It is also an evolution towards flexible mobility and virtual credentials that separate identity from form factor, fundamentally shifting the way identity is established, referenced, and used everyday across the globe. While volumes and revenue favor Asia, Europe is the undisputed leader in this evolutionary context.”

These forecasts and analyses are from “The Global National eID Industry Report”. A report that provides previously unavailable critical data and statistics including National eID credential volumes and revenue forecasts globally, by region, and by country from 2010 to 2015. With the publication of this first of its kind comprehensive overview of the worldwide market for National eID programs, Acuity Market Intelligence confirms its reputation as the leading provider of candid, hype-free, and data-driven insight about the eID marketplace.

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