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Swedbank is to deploy the Protiva corporate solution from Gemalto across its organization, as well as in 60 savings banks in Sweden. The result: a single global identity management system to provide better access protection for networks and cloud resources.

Swedbank is the leading bank in Sweden and the Baltic countries, with 10 million private customers and nearly 700,000 corporate clients. The Protiva solution, part of Gemalto’s cloud computing security offer, will secure access to data networks and physical access for 20,000 employees, irrespective of country, branch or IT system. Implemented initially in Sweden, the solution is being deployed across the Baltic countries, as well as in a number of smaller representative offices internationally.

As part of a multi-year contract, Gemalto is providing Swedbank with the Protiva converged badge solution based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), a proven technology for secure online identity authentication. The solution includes a server platform and software applications for a complete card management. It also includes comprehensive deployment support and maintenance services, personalization and fulfillment services based out of Gemalto’s Stockholm offices, as well as advanced card renewal services. In addition to providing Swedbanks’ employees with secure access to their company network remotely or on-site, the Protiva corporate badge will also enable email encryption and eSigning.

Gemaltos corporate badge solution made it easy to deploy a single identity platform that integrates seamlessly into our multitude of co-existing IT networks in Sweden and Baltics,” commented Pavel Balashov, Head of Identity Infrastructure at Swedbank.The project management and integration support has been remarkable and enabled us to meet tight deadlines, with the result of high user adoption and satisfaction.”

The Protiva Corporate solution allows us to meet the high security demands for customers like Swedbank,” added Brigitte D’Heygère, Director of On-line Authentication at Gemalto.At Gemalto, we strive to develop innovative security solutions to ensure our customers are able to implement strong access controls while being both cost-effective to deploy and convenient for the end user.”

For more information see: http://www.gemalto.com/enterprise/solutions/converged_badge.html


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