Multicard, a leading supplier of credential solutions, identity management and system integration services and a business unit of Identive Group, Inc., announced today that it has been selected by the youth-oriented Australian travel agency Student Flights to provide identity management services for the verification and issuance of International Student Exchange (ISE) student ID cards.

Student Flights is the youth and adventure division of Brisbane-based Flight Centre Limited and its 50 stores across Australia are authorized issuing agents for the internationally recognized ISE card. In addition to serving as an ID credential for student travel and work, ISE cards also entitle their holders to student discounts worldwide on everything from flights and rail passes to food, hotels and hostels, as well as emergency assistance while traveling.

“Multicard’s identity management solution allows us to outsource the backend activities associated with issuing ISE cards while still maintaining our role as the primary interface with our customers. Multicard’s online portal is very easy to use, students get their ISE cards quickly and the whole system is secure. This is important to us because Student Flights is recognized as a leader in the youth travel market and ISE cards are a must-have for every student traveling at home or abroad,” said Darren Lloyd, Student Flights’ Brand Leader.

The customized identity management system that Multicard has implemented for Student Flights includes a secure online portal for data collection, verification of applicants’ age and status as students or teachers, and card issuance by Multicard’s secure card production bureau. Once a Student Flights staff member has captured all of the relevant information about a student and entered it into Multicard’s portal, Multicard verifies the data and produces the card, which can then be mailed directly to the student or delivered to the Student Flights sales office for pick-up.

“Multicard’s broad experience with identity management systems helped us to create a custom solution for Student Flights that meets the needs of their business, which is centered around providing personalized, experience-based service,” said Ross Head, Managing Director for Multicard Australia.  “By helping Student Flights to give their customers a positive experience, we also benefit with follow on business as students return each year to have their expired ISE cards reissued.”


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