Gemalto this week announced that NetOne, a leading network operator in Zimbabwe, is deploying Gemalto’s LinqUs solution for Mobile Money Transfer, which comprises of the server, user application, as well as system integration services. The offer, being marketed as the OneWallet service, works on 100% of the handsets and will enable all NetOne subscribers to perform secure and convenient money transfer using their mobile phone. In particular, it provides the unbanked with access to secure banking services.

The LinqUs solution’s user-friendly interface enables NetOne subscribers to make secure and easy peer-to-peer money transfers, pay every-day bills and top up their prepaid phone cards. Expanding the possibilities of Mobile Money Transfer, it also enables NetOne’s customers to have their salaries paid directly onto their phones – an innovative feature that greatly empowers the unbanked with a secure and convenient digital wallet solution.

This new success reinforces Gemalto leadership in Mobile Financial Services with already over 50 customers worldwide. The sector is growing rapidly, with the number of active users of mobile money services predicted to double in the next two years, exceeding 200 million by 2013(1). Nearly 40% of active users in 2015 will be in the Africa & Middle East region(2).

Gemalto’s ability to offer an end-to-end solution, coupled with their extensive software expertise, made it an easy choice for NetOne,” commented Reward Kangai, Managing Director, NetOne Mobile Money Transfer rollouts are long projects so we need a well established, trusted and future-proof technology partner to accompany us – Gemalto is exactly that.

NetOne, with its excellent network coverage and evenly spread agent distribution structure, will bring banking services to even the most remote areas in Zimbabwe,” added Philippe Vallée, Executive Vice President, Gemalto.We look forward to supporting NetOne in their efforts to revolutionize Zimbabweans everyday lives in this and other future innovative projects.

NetOne also intends to work with the Government of Zimbabwe and Pension Fund schemes to allow the OneWallet to be used for pension payments and thus remove the need for traveling long distances for purposes of collecting pension payments.

NetOne’s OneWallet is being presented during the Gemalto Mobile Money event held in Accra (Ghana) on March 15-17, where customers of Gemalto’s in Africa are invited to debate topics related to Mobile Financial Services.

(1) Source: Juniper Research – Mobile Money Transfers & Remittances: Markets, Forecasts & Vendor Strategies 2011-2015

(2) Ibid



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