The Republic of Georgia has continued to place its confidence in the products of Trüb AG, relying on qualified competencies related to materials, printing and personalisation. Trüb AG has been supplying driving licences, vehicle registration cards and firearm registration cards to the Caucasian country since 2008.

Georgia was one of the first countries to deploy identity documents with colour personalization based on PCC® – Polycarbonate Colour. The contract between Georgia and Trüb AG was renewed in January 2011.

The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Georgia renewed the contract with Trüb AG in January 2011, covering the supply of vehicle registration cards and firearm registration cards for the next few years.

Both identity documents, in ID1 format, are personalised by means of D2T2 technology (dye diffusion thermal transfer). A high level of security is attained by applying a holographic protective film.

The firearm registration cards are made of fused polycarbonate material. As one of the worldwide pioneers with this technology, Trüb has gained substantial experience and expert knowledge since the first product launch in 1995. Identity documents made of fused polycarbonate layers prove to be mechanically robust and resistant to high temperatures, resulting in a lifespan of up to 10 years. The firearm registration cards are personalised with a colour image of the document holder. The PCC® – Polycarbonate Colour product developed by Trüb is designed for personalisation with colour images in an outstanding quality. PCC® allows furthermore for supplementary personalization by high quality laser engraving.


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