Biometric systems are no longer reserved for Government users. Enterprise markets such as Banking and Corporations are increasingly seeing the benefits offered by biometric solutions. To accommodate these new opportunities, Precise Biometrics is launching a new generation of competitive fingerprint readers which are designed to meet a range of specific customer demands.  The name of the new family of fingerprint readers is Precise Sense™.

Precise Sense™ is available in various designs focusing on different types of requirements. The company says that their aim is that each customer should be able to choose a reader with functionality that best fits the need of their organization.

“Cost is a major focus of corporate customers, which can be difficult to accommodate from a vendor’s point of view when products are simultaneously required to be very versatile and include substantial functionality. We have however solved this problem with our new reader series as the readers are based upon a modular design where the customer can choose between 6 different variations to cover his specific demand”, said Thomas Marschall, CEO at Precise Biometrics

The readers are targeted towards large corporations, organizations and the banking industry.  However, certain government organizations have also shown an interest.

In total, Precise Sense™ will be available in six different designs – of which three are now launched.  Options, include combined smart card and fingerprint readers, but also readers that don’t require a smart card. All readers will be available with touch or swipe sensors. Readers for contactless card with NFC functionality will also be launched later this year depending on customer demand.

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